santa came...

...and left me this!!!!!!Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven

In aubergine no less. I love saying that word now aubergine.

The very first thing I want to make is this Pioneer Woman chicken soup! I can't wait!


it snowed...a little

See? Just a little. It's going to be 42 degress Christmas Day so it will probably be gone soon.

He's so sneaky

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Remember when we were here a few months ago? There was no snow and that icy pond had ripples.

It looked like there were quite a few footprints on the ice, and it was about 5 inches deep so we took our chances...

Made it to the center!

We stood on a frozen pond for the first time in our lives. Pretty cool!

Happy Holidays from Minneapolis, Minnesota!!


White Christmas??????

This was the view from our window on Dec 3, 2011...

Then we went to Orlando for a little less than a week and the temp spiked in Minneapolis into the 40's.
This. means. no. snow.

Not one iota of snow on the ground. Wanna know that the 10 day forecast looks like...
no. snow.

Christmas Day it will be 23 degrees and sunny.

A Florida girl can't even get a white Christmas in minnefrickinsota.

Holiday Inn circa 1942. A family favorite. (In color too)

Dear Santa, Please don't take this the wrong way and arrange for five feet of snow to be dumped on minne. I  just want some flurries on Christmas day. Thanks, Christina


A visit

I'm a little behind but I wanted to post these pictures we took while Gerry was in town to see Silent Night. We had fun touring her around the big city and eating at some yummy restaurants!!

 We were able to visit Minnehaha falls. It is pronounced just like you'd think and always makes me laugh. Minnehaha, haha.

He was still sporting the stache'. It's gone now. I kept telling I couldn't take him seriously with it and it's audition season. Lucky break.

Here's another pic that was taken that weekend at the opera after party.
via Clare pix photography http://www.clarepix.com/

Doesn't he look so different??!!

Anywho, one last pic from the visit with Gerry. We stopped by Mall of America before she flew out on Monday. I realize I haven't posted much about this special place. All you need to know is that there are two Auntie Anne's pretzels. Two. One on the south side and one on west side. I've obviously been to both. Not on the same day, but there's an idea. hmmmmm.

There is a MEGA Lego store there and it's a favorite spot for Gabe when we go. I took this picture on my phone outside the store...

The pictures are made out of single legos. Tiny single ones! It's pretty cool!

Thanks for visiting Gerry!! We had fun, sorry you missed the snow! ;)


Very pintersting

I seriously love pinterest! I used to collect favorite projects under my favorite tabs but then they would be forgotten. This way I can check back regularly and come up with new ideas. A few weeks ago I shared a  blog post about a turkey shirt whose inspiration came from a pin, so I decided to share a few more pins that have tuned into more than just inspiration.


I have done this with all my ribbon and it has made storage so much easier!

Ree Drummond blows my mind. I love her so much. I especially love this amazing chowder!! Turned out so yummy. Probably all the half and half.

Cool coasters that were so cheap to make. I just bought the tiles at home depot and I already had the paper and mod podge on hand. I also bought the rubber pads at target. Here is how mine turned out...

I  love how they turned out.

This was a great post with several recipes. We made the chicken curry and it was so yummy and made great leftovers.

Now for the creme de la creme.......

I will preface by saying that in the (almost) six years we have been married I have never gotten such an amazing reaction over food from the opera singer. It was a What about Bob moment. If you click on the link it takes you to the recipe for the Cafe Rio (chain in UT, CA) burrito/salad elements. I made the sweet pulled pork in a crock pot and it was pretty darn good. I even ate it which says alot since I don't eat much meat. He on the other hand about died and went to shredded pork heaven. You should try it :)

I have to do a major blog catch up soon. Sorry for the lack of blogging. I've been working too much! Gabe is in "audition season" again. Send some good vibes and prayers his way if you could :)