Dear Linny,
  I seriously can't believe I haven't blogged in two months. When you would go this long without blogging we would always be waiting for your next update with your funny remarks. The last few months have been overwhelming, beautiful, sad, and wonderful. After we moved home things moved pretty slowly with my job but it gave me plenty of time to figure out what I wanted this house to look like and plan Sarah's bridal shower. Once I started work it was so hectic. Shortly there after we went to Key West to send your ashes to the sea. The boat you used to dream about was beautiful. We let you go with the dolphins and it felt like something final. Then the sea calmed and the sunset was heavenly and we knew it was the best place for you to be.

  October rolled around and the wedding was approaching. Family started flying in, succulents were planted, wedding signs were sewed, whoopie pie boxes were assembled. The weather the day of the wedding was absolute perfection. Everyone and everything was so beautiful. We could feel you there and your picture was watching us throughout the night. You were the only thing missing. Everything else was perfect. I was so terrified to give my maid of honor speech. I remember when Gabe and I had our wedding ceremony at Lake Lucerne you brought me aside and asked what I would say to my groom. I couldn't keep composure for a second. You helped me gather my thoughts and tried to prepare me with a hug and a smile. I know you helped me with what to say at Sarah's wedding...

I was looking through old photos the other day and I realized
every memory I have from childhood includes you. You have
been my softball teammate, my biking buddy, my duet partner,
my baking competition competitor, my other half, my baby sister.
The author, Toni Morrison said "A sister can be someone who is
ourselves and very much not ourselves- a special kind of double"-
and you certainly are. As sisters we have walked this journey 
together- learned from each others accomplishments and mistakes 
like your perm, remember that one?
We have laughed through frustrations and cried together with loss
but now you have someone to walk the journey with you. Someone to
laugh with and to cry with. Someone to tell you your perm looks
amazing when it is in fact questionable.
Kris, you have been an amazing support to our family. Although
we may be a bit crazy, we have already happily welcomed you into
our family- whether you like it or not! You were my brother before
you became by sister's husband.  I'm so happy to continue to watch
your lives together unfold. Here's to you both.
Salut  to you Linny. Love you. Miss you,