On the Radio!!

A local classical music station KUHF did a promo for the Moores Opera Center's production of Rossini's Il Viaggio a Reims featuring Gabe as a soloist singing an aria from the opera which opens this weekend. His aria begins at 6:20 on the clip and there's a lengthy explanation that comes before. The gist is Gabe's character along with several other international VIPs is going on a trip to Reims, Paris. He takes inventory of each character's belongings singing with a different accent for each character. The order is first Don Profondo-that's Gabe's character, then lo Spagnolo or the Spanish guy, la Polacca or the Polish lady, la Francese or French lady, il Tedesco or German guy, l'Inglese or English guy, il Francese or French guy, and il Russo or Russian guy. See if you can keep track of who's who. Good luck!

To listen follow the link below and scroll down to where it says Moores Opera Center and click on listen or download.