Mr. Peanut turned eight months old yesterday. Where did my eight pound baby go? I mean really, at first time seemed to stand still and revolved around marathon nursing and diapers galore and crying and reflux and sleeplessness. At the time it seemed never ending but how wrong I was. That was but a moment just like everyday has been. Our big boy is flourishing. He is so happy! He only fusses when he's hungry or tired. He has been attempting crawling lately. He has been so close. He does more of a yoga pose and occasionally moves forward. He spins and rolls and can be at the other end of the room in no time but I wouldn't say he's crawled. He goes from siting position to tummy pretty easily but has face planted a few times. He really cries then. A Gut wrenching, guilt strickening cry. Poor baby. He's almost there though. Then he'll really seem older.
This month he finally got some teeth!!!!!!!! His bottom two teeth came in basically at once. He really took it like a champ. To help we have tried an amber necklace, Hylands teething tabs and lots of chew toys. He wasn't sleeping very well at that time but is doing much better now. I was really nervous about him getting teeth while nursing but I haven't even noticed them. Thank you baby!

Other firsts for the month...
We've really noticed him turn to or react to his name (Grayson and Peanut) :)
He is finally taking naps out of the rock and play. Bye bye rock and play ;(
He's tried a few new foods including yogurt, tofu (I know, much to Gabe's dismay) and cantaloupe. Lots and lots of cantaloupe up in here. He likes to chew on the rind too.
Toys he's loving right now include a toy remote, a plastic football and Sophie of course.

I could eat him up I love him so! Happy 8 months baby!