The Grove

On Saturday night Gabe and I went to a restaurant downtown called The Grove to support Houston restaurant week. For two weeks every summer 84 restaurants in town make a specific menu with 3-5 courses. You pay a flat fee per person and choose from several different menu options. Then part of the proceeds go the The Houston Food Bank. The restaurant looks over Discovery Green, an artsy park downtown. It was a great date night. We highly recommend the restaurant! For starters Gabe ordered a cheese and meat sampler and I had ceviche with plaintain chips. Main course for Gabe was a lamb t-bone with veggies and I had pasta with scallops, then for dessert a flourless chocolate torte and frozen key lime mousse with cherry compote. Pretty fancy for us, and delicious!


Amish Friendship Bread and Saturday Lunches

My friend Julia gave me a zip-lock bag last Sunday with a gooey mixture inside. She told me it was a starter for Amish friendship bread and that I needed to follow the instructions and in a few days I would make bread. Wow, I thought. I have never made bread before. Gabe's mom makes amazing wheat bread during the holidays every year and Gabe used to eat homemade bread a lot as a kid. I was perfectly fine with Nature's Made honey wheat. (Still am) When we first got married we had some spoiled milk in the fridge and Gabe very sweetly said "Oh honey, save it. You can make some bread with that." To which I said (very sweetly), "Gabe I'm not sure about you...but I do not make bread." Three and a half years later, I made bread with the help of my friend Julia. And guess what...it was very good, and Gabe loved it. (insert smile of satisfaction)

Since Gabe's return home we have been making the most of our weekends. Typically during the school year he is always busy with rehearsals and I find myself at the mall most Saturdays. Lately we have been waking up and going to the gym together. I have introduced Gabe to pilates. Yes, I have. He liked that too. He did moan a few times, just like the rest of us but I think he walked away finding a new appreciation for how difficult it really is. Gotta love free family days at the gym. Then, off to lunch to load up on calories again. Below is a priceless pic of Gabe sinking into a pastrami sandwhich at his new favorite place. Kenny and Ziggy's.

It was huge.
He ate it all, then some of mine.
Love him.


Hello Again

Back to blogging. Wow, it's been over a month. A lot has been going on in our little world. Gabe got back home from Des Moines three weeks ago. Having him back has felt like taking a much needed deep breath. Welcome home honey. We've been taking walks, going to eat at our favorite places, and just spending lazy time on the couch. He starts his last year of graduate school in a few weeks. We've have been in Houston for one year now. Crazy! Let's hope for calm weather and no hurricanes. :)

Gabe started a new hobby after coming home. Here's to serenades...

Thanks for everyone's prayers for Linda and Mom. They are both doing well and staying strong and positive. If you haven't read their blog recently, the cancer has reduced greatly and they are hearing hopeful things. We are grateful for all these blessings and see God's hand in every answered prayer. Thank You.