Mother's Day

First, I was surprised at just how fun and awesome it would be to actually be a Mom on Mother's Day. We had a great time at church and then a great dinner with family. Being a mother has changed everything. I thought I loved him when we was born but now it's even more indescribable. He makes us so happy. Even on a fussy day or a sleepless night I'm so grateful he is here and that God had trusted this special spirit to be placed in my arms. I think that's where I'll keep him.

Grayson's first Easter

We headed to my step-brother, Jeff's house for Easter this year. It was really nice because Grayson had his Grandpa, Nana, Grandma and Gigi there to celebrate the holiday with him. We had an amazing lunch then an Easter egg hunt for the babies (really adults)!


5 months

Mr. Peanut turned 5 mos old on May 5th. Hard to believe. He is changing so much. He's had a few firsts this month...
Rolling over from back to tummy
Started eating solids- first food green beans! 
Swinging in the infant swing at the park buts it's a big boy swing for him! 
He's sleeping free of blankets
He also took his first train ride! 

He's been sick the last few weeks. Three trips to the pediatrician = diagnosis of bronchiolitis + two Rx for nebulizers + hives + plus newborn sleep schedule = one exhausted mommy and baby. Thank good ness he's feeling better and sleeping well again :)