Belly talk

I have not been great about posting or taking belly pics regularly but these definitely show a change. I went to the doctor about a week and a half ago and my total weight gain had doubled in about 5 weeks! I was in shock but not shocked. I have certainly been growing. The doctor could tell I was concerned and she said "you no worry about Mommy. You worry about baby!" I'm slightly anemic now so I've started iron supplements. Otherwise, I've been feeling great! Slightly more uncomfortable and my back hurts at the end of a ten hour work day, but I'm feeling really grateful for a healthy pregnancy. I'm not really craving anything consistent. Potato chips sometimes, sweets occasionally and pickles this week. The baby likes food, any kind of food apparently. Just like his Daddy already :) we are so excited to meet him in a few months. He has been kicking like crazy! My whole stomach bounces around. I think I'll miss that the most after he's here. I love feeling his sweet kicks even when I'm jolted by them. Love you so much Peanut!


It's a...

Boy for us and girls for my sister and Kris!