F to the L

-The Preisser's are moving back to Florida, for like more than a month. We're getting a place of our own and I'm going to get a job with good benefits for the first time in two years (high hopes that my interview goes well!). We're excited.
-Upacking all of our stuff out of boxes is going to be like Christmas morning.
I know it for sure.
-Guess what else friends, if you come to FL or specifically Orlando you will HAVE to visit.

Here's a pic of the house we're moving into. First time we've lived in a house since we've been married. So excited for this next step. Gabe is going to be traveling a lot for his career and we decided that moving to Orlando was the next best step for us. That way I'll have a support system when he's traveling. We feel really good about this decision. We're leaving Minneapolis at the end of July! See you soon!


I heart instagram

Remember Audrey- from my bday post. It was she and her sister's bday too!

Gabe sang "Happy Birthday" to them and Audrey loved it!

Super moon over the city

Nutella Crepe at the mall. Ridiculous!

Tofu lettuce wraps thanks to the pioneer woman's great recipe. I tried these one night when Gabe was out of town and they were so good! I might try and convince Gabe to try them soon!

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More updates coming soon. Haven't had much time to blog :)


Last weekend Gabe's mom was in town to see his last show with Minnesota Opera, Madame Butterfly. Friday we took her to one of our favorite spots, Como Zoo and conservatory and we ate at  punch pizza, out fav pizza place here. Saturday we went to the temple in the morning and spent several hours in Stillwater, MN. It's a little riverside town about forty minutes away with so much charm it makes you want to scream. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy, but the shops were dry :) Two of my most favorite shops can be found here, http://www.mara-mi.com/ and www.rosemille.net . Saturday night we went to Gabe's performance. Everyone did an amazing job and it was a great way to end the season. Sunday we went to church and that evening saw Gabe perform in a church fireside (church meeting). All the performers were local talent and they were able to bear their testimony of Christ after the piece. It was so beautiful and touching. I'm so glad Gerry was in town to see all the things Gabe has been working so hard on. It's been busy around here.
Thanks again Gerry for the visit. We love you!

From the 26th

It is beautiful.