Dear little one,
 Your Daddy started calling you peanut around week 7. We read somewhere that you were about that size. We also think you are a boy so we frequently call you "he" and "him." If we're wrong, I apologize in advance. We still have quite a few weeks until we find out your gender. You want to just nudge me with the answer? Sometimes at night when everything is quiet and still I put my hand over my tummy and hope I feel you under my fingers. Are you okay baby? I hope I feel you soon. I am so excited for that. We both are so excited you're coming. Not only us but many people. You will be so well loved and nurtured little one.

Daddy has been out of town for awhile.
"How's peanut?" he asks.
 A few nights ago we were texting before bed...
"I love you" I wrote.
 "Love you two" he replied.

My cup runneth over. Love for that man is expounding. Love for you is sweet.

Love you,


New things

We have been keeping a little secret for the last few months...