what a year

Year recap...
Jan - 4th anniversary of being married to my best friend and best friend turns 26
April - I turn 27, and pout, but then regain consiousness when best friend 
graduates with a Masters Degree
May- Decide to leave Houston and travel with best friend. Blogging increases and so does sewing.
June thru August- Gabe performs with Des Moines Metro Opera
August- home with family
September- November- Gabe performs with Kentucky Opera
December- relish in holiday festivites.

Did this year go by fast or what??????

Here's to an amazing 2011. Gabe has some offers but he won't let me tell you yet. I will give you a hint. Next fall I will be freezing my you know what off.

Love you all. xoxo

(I'm overwhelmed by the hundreds of pictures I took over Christmas- four installments coming your way. Don't pee your pants or anything)


Happy Holidays!

We hope you all had a magical holiday! We sure did. I'll post more from our four christmases once I organize all the pictures. We love our families so much. Since we didn't send out cards this year, here is a simple greeting. Sorry for the lack of blogging and lack of christmas cards. I forgot how fast December goes by.


Don't you just love Christmas trees...

I really love them!

Gabe is still in NY. He'll be home Wednesday and I can't wait. Thanks for all your positive thoughts and prayers. This audition season has gone well and he has had several offers. Now I'm ready for him to be here to cuddle by the fire. We're having fun visiting family and friends and we hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.


Mouse ears and family

Living in Orlando, sometimes means unexpected trips to Disney. That's right...unexpected. It makes things even more fun. Wednesday we took a trip to Disney with Gabe's mom and sister along with her two munchkins. We had so much fun.

Aiden was ready to try a "big" ride. Our first stop was Thunder Mountain. He was just barely tall enough and Gabe and I were excited to go with him. I taped him so his Mom and Dad could see his big smiles. He loved it!!! Some of the video is jet black or really shaky, sorry, but at least you'll get the full effect. :)

We were so proud of him!

We also watched the Electric Light Parade. Most of you probably know that I worked at Disney in high school and part of college. It was the first parade I was ever in at Disney, then it was discontinued shortly after and replaced by Spectro Magic. It had been yeeeeeeeeeeeeears since I heard that music or saw the floats. It was so pretty and Snow White and her dwarfs did a fabulous job :)

The fireworks were fabulous too!