The Masters Recital

My husband is graduating with a masters degree in vocal performance. As a requisite, a masters recital is done before completion of the degree. He also finished one prior to graduating from Florida State. That recital was amazing. I watch him sing all the time, often in operas or opera scenes, usually involving other people. There is something very thrilling about watching him sing ALONE for over an hour. All him. Just his beautiful self and his spectacular voice, sending me through the roof. He sang several pieces, including a powerful set by Carlisle Floyd and he finished the recital off with a classic piece, the Soliloquy from Carousel, by none other than Rogers and Hammerstein. If you see Gabe soon, or in the next twenty years, ask him to sing the Carlisle Floyd set and Soliliquy. It just might blow you away.

Here's the worst part, I took ZERO pictures. How could I have done that? How? I know how, Gabe's Mom and I were busy watching this beautiful man we both love like crazy, then hugged and kissed him, then ran to the kitchen to set out the food for the reception. Then, I proceeded to be approached by people for the next hour so they could talk to me about my wonderful husband. I was a little preoccupied. So was everyone else. Bummer. But, I do happen to have these pictures that were taken for Elmer Gantry. Enjoy...

I know....right?


April 16, 1983

Yep, that's my birthday. 27 years. I had a "holy crap" moment that morning. Why did I feel so different? Maybe it had to do with all the "10 year reunion" emails I kept getting, or that fact that people keep telling me, "wow you're 27, that's old." What a day. It was fabulous though. My friends at work treated me soooo nice. When I got to work my desk looked like this...
and this...

 Then they made me breakfast burritos, cheesecake, brownies and cookies. H-E-L-L-O.

Then I came home to my sweetheart and he took me to an amazing restaurant called Mark's. It was fabulous. Tomato salad, soft shell crab (interesting), escolar and Gabe had steak. Then gelato. Pretty much amazing!
And...look what I got, oooooohh
It's so purty!


Kass and Jason

Pretty much says it all right? Congratulations to my one and only Kashmene. I love you and can't wait to see your marriage grow. Maybe we could be pregnant together someday, just like our Moms.


Elmer Gantry

Hi Everyone, Gabe has one more performance of Elmer Gantry on Monday night at 7:30pm. I saw it last night and it was phenomenal! There is a link below to a local news station here in Houston that did a promo for the show. Gabe was intervewed and sang. We were so excited when we were watching it. Enjoy and please come see the show if you are in town!




I hope everyone had an amazing Easter. We wish we could have celebrated with our family as well, but instead we were with our very close friends.We had a fun dinner, played games and laughed a lot. Gabe made the beautiful Easter Eggs, with glitter even. I made the Peeps bunny banner from this really great blog. It took me way too long to make it. I was pretty sick of yellow felt when I was done, but it turned out pretty cute. They look like the peeps, right? Sort, of I guess.

We had a pretty lazy weekend, very nice. It was nice to take a step back and consider the true importance of this holiday, that we dress up with bunnies and eggs. I am so greatful for my Savior and for His ultimate sacrifice. How could we ever know or understand all that He went through to save us.
Thank You for saving me.