Happy Valentine's Day from Grayson!


bath time

our little dude loves bath time. We use a puj tub that we registered for and received as a gift from my Aunt and Uncle. It has been great to use in the sink, and super portable as well. He's getting a little big for it so we may need to switch to a more traditional tub soon. I was looking through pics on my phone and was amazed at how much he has changed. The first pic on the top left was taken when he was 4 weeks old, then on top right he is 6 weeks old. Bottom left he is 8 weeks old and then the last pic was taken at 10 weeks. The difference between the first and last picture just kills me. He's changing so quickly! After bath we usually read him a bedtime story then I nurse before we put him to bed. He just started sleeping in his crib last week. Yikes, I could barely sleep. He has done surprisingly well so far. Our monitor is pretty cool we can watch him on our phones and ipad. Gabe can even watch him when he is out of town! Thank goodness for technology!


two months

At his 2 month visit our big guy weighed 13 pounds 1 oz! He is in the 75th% for weight, 85th% for height at 24 inches and 90th% for his head. No surprise there, I do literally feel like he is changing before our eyes. We also had to endure shots. Yes, I said we. Poor guy!

So far Mr. Peanut LOVES the ceiling fan. He smiles and laughs at them all the time. It is so cute!
Still loves to eat
Loves to listen to us sing and talk
He also really loves his hot air balloon mobile.
and loves massage

Mr. Peanut does not like to wait for a meal. He will lose it,
He doesn't care for tummy time much but is getting better.
He doesn't like his car seat but always seems to fall asleep so can't be that bad :)


we got our first smile folks! (well documented anyway) January 18, 2014. Since his birth I have been waiting with such anticipation for these smiles. He was so fussy for so long that I worried he would never smile. I know that sounds silly but it was hard there for awhile. Now we have a happy baby on our hands.

One month

Can it really be that time is flying so fast. Little Grayson is growing and won't be so little anymore. I weighed him at a recent lactation support group meeting and he was already ten pounds!

So far he loves to eat. He nurses for about an hour with each feeding so mommy is tired! He is an expert at filling his diaper and he is also very skilled at crying. He could win a gold medal. He still wakes up frequently at night. Hopefully he will start to enjoy sleep as much as Mommy and Daddy. Speaking of Daddy, Grayson sure loves him. He could listen to Daddy sing all day long! We love you so much little peanut!