How lovely are thy branches

I think we'll enjoy you a few more days...



Hi friends and family. The last few months have been crazy. How is it almost January? We were able to celebrate the holiday with family (4 times) and even take a few days off work to boot. We are so richly blessed and are so happy to live closer to family now. It is totally amazing to be able to see so many loved ones in a weeks time and know it won't be too long before you see them again. No more plane rides or road trips. It was also 70 degrees on Christmas Day. Not too shabby especially since Minnesota has seen more snow in the last couple months then we saw all last winter. (Throws hands in the air)

Gabe is heading to a chilly place real soon to work on the opera Silent Night. He's reprising his role of Lt. Gordon In Philadelphia. He's been very busy with auditions the last few months and working on building more connections in Florida. He's also racking up frequent flier miles and seeing lots of friends in the process. Locally he's teaching voice lessons at some of the high schools and even in our home. Need to learn how to sing a high c? Come see us!

My job is going very well at MD Anderson. I'm working in the radiation department with brain and spine tumor patients. I feel overwhelmed at times with the sadness that surrounds me but comfort in knowing I can help if even for a little while. It's humbling and I have the utmost appreciation for our health. Treasure your relationships. We learned from a very personal perspective this year that life cannot be taken for granted. I'm also so grateful for my knowledge of our Savior and knowing He has a special plan for each of us.

In keeping with the season here is one of my favorite videos that helped me to remember the true spirit of Christmas...



Dear Linny,
  I seriously can't believe I haven't blogged in two months. When you would go this long without blogging we would always be waiting for your next update with your funny remarks. The last few months have been overwhelming, beautiful, sad, and wonderful. After we moved home things moved pretty slowly with my job but it gave me plenty of time to figure out what I wanted this house to look like and plan Sarah's bridal shower. Once I started work it was so hectic. Shortly there after we went to Key West to send your ashes to the sea. The boat you used to dream about was beautiful. We let you go with the dolphins and it felt like something final. Then the sea calmed and the sunset was heavenly and we knew it was the best place for you to be.

  October rolled around and the wedding was approaching. Family started flying in, succulents were planted, wedding signs were sewed, whoopie pie boxes were assembled. The weather the day of the wedding was absolute perfection. Everyone and everything was so beautiful. We could feel you there and your picture was watching us throughout the night. You were the only thing missing. Everything else was perfect. I was so terrified to give my maid of honor speech. I remember when Gabe and I had our wedding ceremony at Lake Lucerne you brought me aside and asked what I would say to my groom. I couldn't keep composure for a second. You helped me gather my thoughts and tried to prepare me with a hug and a smile. I know you helped me with what to say at Sarah's wedding...

I was looking through old photos the other day and I realized
every memory I have from childhood includes you. You have
been my softball teammate, my biking buddy, my duet partner,
my baking competition competitor, my other half, my baby sister.
The author, Toni Morrison said "A sister can be someone who is
ourselves and very much not ourselves- a special kind of double"-
and you certainly are. As sisters we have walked this journey 
together- learned from each others accomplishments and mistakes 
like your perm, remember that one?
We have laughed through frustrations and cried together with loss
but now you have someone to walk the journey with you. Someone to
laugh with and to cry with. Someone to tell you your perm looks
amazing when it is in fact questionable.
Kris, you have been an amazing support to our family. Although
we may be a bit crazy, we have already happily welcomed you into
our family- whether you like it or not! You were my brother before
you became by sister's husband.  I'm so happy to continue to watch
your lives together unfold. Here's to you both.
Salut  to you Linny. Love you. Miss you,


Dear you


Dear Linny,
We miss you. It's been about 7 weeks since you went to be with Jesus. Nothing seems the same. Every time I went to update this silly blog it seemed unimportant. How do you articulate something so monumental in life like the death of a loved one, on a blog no less. You would have known what to say. You were always so good with words.
So many people came to your service. So many hugs and tears. Mom spoke beautifully about your life and how you always spoke of your cancer as a gift. Gabe sang that special song you loved to listen to on your ipod. Do not stand at my grave and weep.
Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow. I am the sun on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the sweet uplifting rush of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft star shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.
A few days after you died we went to the hospital to ring the treatment bell for you. The nurses were all there too. We all cried but the words on that wall plaque rang so loud and true as mom spoke them...Ring this bell three times well, it's toll to clearly say- my treatment's done, the course is run and I am on my way. You were so well loved at that hospital. I've come to realize everyone knew you. Years of chemo and radiation will give you plenty of experience with all kinds of people.
You always dreamed about Gabe and I moving back to Florida. Even more we're in the house downtown and I am starting a job at your hospital after all and with one of your doctors. I guess you always knew that these things would fall into place and I know you were helping along the way.
These last few weeks have brought so much change, especially to Mom. You loved each other so much. She sees you in so many faces and hears your whispers in familiar songs. We all do. We all have good days and bad days. We have the faith to know that Heavenly Father has a very special plan for you and for us too.

I hope you know how much we love you. I hope you felt it everyday and that you can feel it now. We can feel you. I'm grateful I could take care of you. I'm grateful for everyday you were in our lives. Thank you for being an incredible testament of faith.  We put this scripture on the program at the funeral, the one from your last blog entry. 

I will praise the Lord at all times.

I will constantly speak His praises.

I will boast only in the Lord.

let all who are discouraged take heart.

Come let us tell of the Lord's greatness,

let us exalt His name together.

I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me,

freeing me from all my fears. Amen.

Psalms 34:1- 4

We love you Linny, our angel. I'll listen for you in the wind.



the shoot

I'm neglecting this blog. We do fun  things and I always think I'll blog about them and then never do. I will try to be better. For our own memory keeping if nothing else. The opera singer got some headshots done recently here in the twin cities. We were so happy with how they turned out. Like too many to choose from happy. Pictures like this one slew me dead. I was slain. He's pretty awesome in so many ways but he ain't bad to look at either. I'm a lucky girl. If you want to see more just check out his website. www.gabrielpreisser.com


F to the L

-The Preisser's are moving back to Florida, for like more than a month. We're getting a place of our own and I'm going to get a job with good benefits for the first time in two years (high hopes that my interview goes well!). We're excited.
-Upacking all of our stuff out of boxes is going to be like Christmas morning.
I know it for sure.
-Guess what else friends, if you come to FL or specifically Orlando you will HAVE to visit.

Here's a pic of the house we're moving into. First time we've lived in a house since we've been married. So excited for this next step. Gabe is going to be traveling a lot for his career and we decided that moving to Orlando was the next best step for us. That way I'll have a support system when he's traveling. We feel really good about this decision. We're leaving Minneapolis at the end of July! See you soon!


I heart instagram

Remember Audrey- from my bday post. It was she and her sister's bday too!

Gabe sang "Happy Birthday" to them and Audrey loved it!

Super moon over the city

Nutella Crepe at the mall. Ridiculous!

Tofu lettuce wraps thanks to the pioneer woman's great recipe. I tried these one night when Gabe was out of town and they were so good! I might try and convince Gabe to try them soon!

You can follow me on instagram @cpreisser

More updates coming soon. Haven't had much time to blog :)


Last weekend Gabe's mom was in town to see his last show with Minnesota Opera, Madame Butterfly. Friday we took her to one of our favorite spots, Como Zoo and conservatory and we ate at  punch pizza, out fav pizza place here. Saturday we went to the temple in the morning and spent several hours in Stillwater, MN. It's a little riverside town about forty minutes away with so much charm it makes you want to scream. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy, but the shops were dry :) Two of my most favorite shops can be found here, http://www.mara-mi.com/ and www.rosemille.net . Saturday night we went to Gabe's performance. Everyone did an amazing job and it was a great way to end the season. Sunday we went to church and that evening saw Gabe perform in a church fireside (church meeting). All the performers were local talent and they were able to bear their testimony of Christ after the piece. It was so beautiful and touching. I'm so glad Gerry was in town to see all the things Gabe has been working so hard on. It's been busy around here.
Thanks again Gerry for the visit. We love you!

From the 26th

It is beautiful.


a walk in a garden

I went to a garden exhibit the other day called Brazil. It was so beautiful!
I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Now, guess where I was....a conservatory. No. A park. No.
I was on the eighth floor of the downtown Macy's. Next to target-my most favorite place downtown.
For one week this spring Macy's sponsored a show put on my the big garden/outdoor store here called Bachman's. You got off the elevators and were enveloped with the smell of wisteria and other plants. I was in awe of what they were able to create. If you remember in December this whole space was decorated as the north pole. Here is that post. See, the most amazing Macy's ever.



Remember that time we went to the mall of America and waited patiently for over an hour to see the hunger games cast. Well, that was fun. So fun in fact, I decided to wear my latest craft.
The necklace I'm wearing.

The lace applique I found on etsy, a shop called Mary not Martha. Everything else I picked up at Joann's. You just need needle nose pliers to put everything together. :)

I got these coral beauties at Joann's too. I didn't even add a lobster claw to this one. One of the beauties of making your own jewelry is making it the exact length you want (or just big enough to fit over you head). Now I just need to buy some clothes to match. ha ha.


safe and sound

Have you seen or heard this? I love it. I loved the movie even more.


Spring is here

I think I may have lived through a Minneapolis winter without experiencing a major snow storm. I can't really believe it. The snow has melted, the ice is dissipating and the weather has been amazing. Something to write home about. So, that's what I'm doing.

Dear Home,
I am relishing in the weather. Turns out all the prayers must have worked.


The impossible dream

On Friday, Gabe took part in a Cabaret fundraiser for the resident artists. They produced a condensed production of Don Quixote with some arias mixed in from other operas. It was held in the rehearsal space for all their shows and they turned it into a really cool reception. It was sold out. So much fun. He basically rocked "the impossible dream." He was even on a ladder. I almost bit my nails off.

Haha, check out that 'stache!

These are our good friends, the Wilsons. MaryLynn and Brad. They were nice enough to let us stay with them the first week we moved here and they have continued to be so gracious. They've turned into opera fans since meeting Gabe and try to make it to all his performances. So nice. 


Mall games

 Recently I saw an article on my phone news feed that the stars of the Hunger Games were coming to the Mall of America for a signing and Q & A session. I stewed it over for a few days. Mentioned it to Gabe a few times. I had to work that night, which meant that I would have to get up early, deal with crazy crowds,  and probably a lot of screaming girls. Then it occured to me that I had an opportunity to actually see them and take pics and I exclaimed to Gabe, "We have to go! When will we ever get a chance like this??" By the way, my husband is a saint. SAINT!!! He really wanted to go at first, then as we approached the mall and saw all the security guards and tons of screaming girls we both kind of squirmed. I said several times, I want to go, this is too much and he kept saying we're here, let's just stay.

(about 2 hours before they came out, I was on an escalator)

The signs were seriously the best, but this was my favorite....

I loaf Peeta.

We ended up in a pretty sweet spot on the floor. Crowd control was ridiculous. They had this whole area sectioned of for VIP's and the whole thing was basically empty. Eventually they would bring in a few people at a time. We were lucky and got escorted in. Otherwise, Gabe would have been behind a pole. I kept saying "you can leave honey and I'll meet you later if it's too much." He said "Forget that, I'm here to represent team katniss." He's pretty much the coolest.

Finally, it started. The preview came on and folks went NUTS!
Including me...

Haha. Everyone started coming out and truth be told it was so loud I didn't even hear everyone's names or who they played in the movie. So, I looked it up later.

Jacklyn Emerson- Foxface, Amandla Stenburg- Rue,  Isabelle Fuhrman-Clove, Alexander Ludwig- Cato

Then Josh and Jennifer got there. It was madness. I was like- uh ok, let's not lose our minds everyone. I felt so bad for any parents there that had no clue who these jokers were. The whole Q and A was very cutesy and Amandla (Rue) was totally adorable.

It was pretty rad. Made me super excited for the movie. I have to work the night of the opening. I'm not all that sad. I think I'll go to a matinee without any screaming girls. I've had my fill.