Snow Day

On Wednesday we got a very big surprise. The weather was awful all day, grey and freezing!!!! I was at work all day and saw on the news that it was snowing in parts of Houston but couldn't see anything from inside the hospital. When I left the hospital and got to my car this is what I saw...

We were so excited! Gabe tried to surprise me with a snowball fight! I don't think so!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well the apartment is coming together. These are some videos of the Christmas decorations. The rest of the apartment is still kind of unorganized so we will post more pics when we're finished. This year has gone by so fast. It's unbelievable to think that we have lived in Houston for four months already. We're so excited to go home for the holidays and can't wait to see everyone. Miss you and love you!!!! Merry Christmas!


The Nutcracker

My friend Leah, whom I've known since the 1st grade also lives in Houston and we've been having lots of fun together lately. She got tickets to the nutcracker through work and she invited me to go with her. We had so much fun and felt like little girls again. It brought back memories of going when I was younger with my Aunt Theresa, my sister and two cousins Jen and Kass. I just remember it being a very special night. Seeing the show again, many years later was such a treat! I loved it!!! My favorite part was when they travel to the Land of Snow. The Snow Queen was amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gabe and I had a great Thanksgiving this year!! We were invited by our friends Scott and Ashley. Ashley made an amazing feast! Hats off to her and thanks again for the invite!

We took this pic before we left the apartment (which is great by the way)

Beautiful tableThis is their oldest son, Tyler

And baby Luke

Fried turkey!

Gabe and Scott, with the turkey of course


The move!

Yah! We're finally moving. We are so excited to be in a 2 bedroom apartment again. I know to some that sounds incredibly small, but we're actually moving up. :) Moving again is such a chore but it's so worth it. No cable or internet right now, so we might not have any more updates for at least a few days. Once we're up and running again I'll be sure to post pictures.


Lazy Hollow Halloween

Unfortunately, our halloween...very uneventful. I actually was sick with strep throat, which was simply awful. Gabe was sweet and stayed home from a costume party to take care of me. He made a spooky supper consisting of Blood soup, Snotty sandwhiches, and Foot Beer. It was terrifying! :)

Gabe and I were talking the other day and I said if we have a baby girl someday... when should we dress her up as Snow White for halloween, the first year, second year, every year? He said that I should wait until she's older so she can understand the reason behind it. I don't think I can wait that long. :) The princess costumes are too much. Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!


Orpheus in the Underworld

Gabe made his debut in Houston, Texas. It was a major success and everyone that saw the show loved it. Gabe played "Mars" in "Orpheus in the underworld." It was a comedy based on greek mythology with some modern day satire. The set was neat, and the director used digital backgrounds which was different from anything I had seen. At one point in the show the Gods leave Mount Olympus and journey to Hell to rescue a mortal.
The screen came down during set changes and looked like fire. Then the screen opens and low and behold Vegas is their destination.

I took this shot on my phone inconspicuously, so it turned out blurry. I can't even find Gabe

Jupiter and his son Mars. The picture leaves out Gabe's incredibly short skirt. His legs were fabulous :)

Some down time off stage. He's grading midterms for the class he teaches. What a dedicated instructor!!!! He did an awesome job. It makes me even more excited to see the upcoming shows!

Fun times at Hermann Park

Gabe and I ventured down to Hermann park about a week after the hurricane. It's right near the med center and south of downtown. It's huge, and very beautiful. There is also a zoo nearby. We're waiting to go when it gets a bit cooler.
This is an asian garden

Stealing kisses

I love this picture, he looks so happy

Whoa, getting higher

Jumping off was scarier than I remember

Gabe jumped too fast

The garden center. The roses were beautiful

This is the view from my hospital on the 25th floor. Downtown is in the distance

Close up of downtown


Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike was quite an experience. We were very lucky. Our apartment had very little damage, but as you will see, our complex did not fair as well.

View from outside our porch

And yes, this is Gabe pointing out a TV in front of our bedroom window. What kind of person would leave a TV out on their front porch in the middle of a hurricane?????

Hawaii July 2008

Mom and Linda

Another amazing view
Gabe trying out the waves

Well, our very own blog :). We've been very inspired by people we love to create our blog to help keep in touch with everyone, share pictures, and to just relive funny moments. We've kept very busy since our move to Houston with new jobs, new school, and lots of new places to see. We thought we'd add some pictures from our amazing trip to Hawaii first, then we can give you a glimpse of Hurricane Ike pictures. What a crazy time to move to Houston. We were remarkably lucky. Hope you enjoy the blog!!!