Quick Update

Hi everyone!! Just a quick note since we haven't posted in awhile. Things have been very busy here. Recently Mom and Linda came to visit for a weekend and we had so much fun. We toured the Galleria, the Zoo, Hermann Park, and brought them to some of our favorite places to eat. Unfortunately I can't post pics that my mom sent me. Technical difficulties with snapfish...argh!

Gabe had a show that weekend as well so they were able to see his hard work in action. "Florencia en el Amazonas," a spanish opera set in Brazil on a river boat. The set was incredible. I hope I can post pics soon. Gabe was amazing. He had a principle role "Riolobo," a river spirit and boat hand. It was a very unique production and the music was beautiful. The river boat was two full stories and turned 360 degrees on stage. I was in awe. Mom and Linda enjoyed it too!

Valentines Day we were able to sleep in, take a long walk, relax with friends at Hermann Park and have a great dinner together. We went to a Thai Mexican restaurant that was really good called Teala's. Hope everyone else had a great day too!!!