Vegetarian or not...

Lately Gabe has been out of town a lot. He's working so that's awesome but I miss him bad. I try to sometimes focus on the perks of being pseudo single like making anything I want for dinner or eating Chipolte multiple times a week. Sad but true. It makes the time go by faster when he's not here.

Here are a few of my favorite vegetarian recipes...

P.S. their pictures are better than mine.

Great Sandwich

Great lettuce wraps. All hail Ree Drummond.

Now onto my latest attempt. I found this recipe on buzzfeed.com. Do you know about this website? It's freaking hysterical but also no holds bar. Turns out they also write about food. White bean and kale stew sounded like just the thing Gabe wouldn't want to eat. Turns out it was pretty tasty. They suggested serving it on toast with a poached egg on top. Did you ever see that scene in Julie and Julia where Julie tries making a poached egg with multiple failed attempts? I was scared of trying a poached egg. So the first night I fried an egg. Then tonight I was eating the stew for leftovers and I got brave. The recipe gives very strict instructions about temperature, vinegar and time. It said cook for three minutes exactly. I cooked about thirty seconds longer because I HATE RUNNY EGG WHITES. First attempt was a complete success. Poached egg checked off the ole cooking basics list. Yummy!


I'll try and catch up on posts soon. Like I should probably tell you about the time the New York Times gave Gabe a good review. Like whhhaaaaaaaaaaaat!