Grayson did well at his nine month checkup on Friday. He was 22lbs and 2 oz (90%). He was 30.5 inches tall (98%) and his head circumference was 18.25 inches (80%). The nurse measured his height twice because she didn't believe he would be that tall. He has grown 11 inches in 9 months. That blows my mind!

Our little peanut is crawling everywhere and has now been pulling himself up on everything. He loves standing at the windowsill and looking outside. He is getting bored with puréed foods I make him and just wants to eat big boy food. He loves everything! He especially loves avocado and watermelon right now but has been eating turkey and pasta and beans. All kinds of stuff! 
We recently moved and have been on a few bike rides. Grayson has his own bike trailer and helmet. He squealed the first time we went! The next time we went it was HOT so he wasn't thrilled. 

I love watching him socialize. He definitely is more aware of strangers and familiar faces. He loves to talk and sing to people. A lot like his Daddy! His girl cousins, Laney and Livia, think he's a little loud but they'll get used to it :) 

We love you so much, buddy!