You can pretty much give us a gold medal

We just came back from an amazing ski trip to Park City, Utah. The mountains, the snow, and the slopes are so awe inspiring. There is nothing quite like your first ride on the lift and then your first slope heading down the mountain. The views were breathtaking and the feel of skis going over the snow is one of the best things ever in my opinion. How lucky you would be to live there and take part whenever you want, if you can pay the price :) Yikes! The first two days we were there, it snowed non-stop. They said that in 72 hours, Park City received 13 inches of snow. It was hard to see ridges in the snow or bumps of powder. A little tricky, but we all survived. Gabe actually did remarkably well. It was techinically only his third time skiing, last time being 4 years ago. He was a little nervous, but just like the rest of us, he remembered right away. Like riding a bike. He became very motived by Bodie and Lindsey, beat us down the mountain everytime.
He even felt like trying a black diamond.

This was roughly our discussion...
G: I think I'm ready for a black run
C:You sure Gabe?
G: Yes, definitely ready. Definitely, yes
C: Honey, it's just the first day. We should wait.
G: Nope, I'm ready
C: Ok, if you say so...

We approch Black Diamond Run "Know You Don't"
Gabe and I both stop and look over the rough terrain with unease
G: This has moguls
C. Yeah, I know, all the black runs here have moguls. I think you should wait.

Gabe stares a little longer, then skis over the edge.
About 4 feet down...
G: I don't like moguls, we shoudn't have done this.
C: Too late, just get to the bottom, you can do it
Gabe falls a bit, I fall too.
Gabe falls about ten times and after losing both his skis he decides to slide down the rest of the way
His pride was hurt just a bit.
We went down some greens to make him feel better.

The third and last day of skiing was remarkably clear. Even though we were all sore and tired we were renewed when we all woke up to clear skies. By far, the best day. We loved it. Gabe's confidence is renewed once he can actually see ten feet in front of him.

G: Honey, I want to try a black diamomd again
C: You sure Gabe?
G: Yeah, I need to redeem myself
C: Ok

We approah "White Owl." Location of the 2002 Winter Olympics aerial events, now converted into a black diamond run with moguls

Gabe does amazingly well. Just a couple of falls. I was very impressed. I didn't fall at all, also proud of myself. Needless to say he felt much better, like a true skier. A job well done.

Here is s little clip I got of him heading down a blue run...

Love to you all!


Wii boxing!

Gabe v. Ashly

I have seen this like 50 times, and I always laugh!