My First Sewing Project!

For Christmas my mom bought me a sewing machine and I have been busy learning how to use it. I bought this great book that has guided me through the beginning steps so I think I'm supposed to graduate on to a more difficult project (eek, I'm nervous). I started out with something very easy at first, burp cloths (actually cloth diapers, just spruced up with some cute fabric.) I made them for a girl at work who is expecting a baby boy in March. I hope she likes them. Here are pics of my work :)


Well, like always we bring in the new year with a few special days including our anniversary (3 years!!!!!!) and Gabe's 25th Birthday. January 8th was the 9th anniversary of our first date. It is crazy to imagine all that we have been through in 9 years and we are so grateful that we were able to marry each other. We find amazing comfort in knowing that we will be together forever now. Dating was fun, but marriage is way better :)

We celebrated our anniversary at The Melting Pot. Our favorite!!!!

For Gabe's birthday we went to Maggiano's with friends and had a great time. We had a family style dinner that was out of this world. When we sang "Happy Birthday," Gabe sang to himself very loudly, and as you can imagine we drew some attention to our table.

Can you tell we like dessert?

As we were leaving this sweet woman was watching Gabe and told him that it was also her birthday and that he had an amazing voice, so he and his friends Jack and Amanda (also studying voice) decided to sing "Happy Birthday" to her as well. They loved it!



Gabe and I traveled to Austin New Year's Day and we had a blast! Austin is so beautiful and so different than Houston. I kept feeling like I was out west somewhere, minus the snow. We saw some amazing views from Mt. Bonnell over the Colorado River and Lake Travis was beautiful too. It made for a great day trip and an awesome way to bring in the new year!
Gabe in front of capitol

Mt. Bonnell looks over the Colorado River

Look at those HOUSES!!!

Skyline of Austin
Lake Travis
View from "The Oasis"

Neat park we found


Christmas in Sunny Florida!

Gabe and I were very fortunate to spend 12 days in Orlando over the holidays. We had our very own "Four Christmases." We got to see tons of family members and friends. Unfortunately some of that time was spent not feeling our best, so we were bad about taking lots of pictures. I'm going to have to get copies from everyone else. Anyone reading this please feel free to email us digital copies. That would be much appreciated! Gabe wanted to make sure that we did upload two videos that he worked very hard on. We went to a Luau at Sea World after Christmas with Gabe's family and got some pretty good footage.

Then Gabe became very brave and decided to get up and try to dance. Gretchen wanted to play too. I think the video is hysterical! Most of the time I had a hard time keeping the camera on him because I was laughing so hard. So enjoy!