little bitty shirt

Recently I was admiring a cute sewing craft on pinterest.

Source: None via Christina on Pinterest

The pin came from a google image search and when I tried to find a tutorial or source online I had no luck. The more I stared at it the more confident I became that I could make it. I loooooooove ribbon so I have quite a few spools to choose from and knew that I had enough variety to pull it off.

Here are the supplies I used...
Basic Cherokee t-shirt from Target (I used 18 mos.)
Brown minky fabric, small scrap piece
Various colors and sizes of ribbon
Heat 'n Bond
Disappearing fabric ink pen
Sequins and small beads
Template for turkey body (I made mine using MS word, overlapped two circles)

(Next-sorry didn't get a picture. I sewed tiny beads on top of a sequin for the eyes and beak. I tried to hand sew and even used the sewing machine initially, but nothing looked right. When all else fails find sequin.)

I sent it off to little V, my cousins baby. Not as perfect as the original but I was still pretty happy with how it turned out!

Here is an updated picture of little V in the turkey shirt...
She's so cute!!

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according to the camera phone

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii husband! You look awfully handsome!

Hello beautiful sweater that was rejected from Talbots. I will gladly buy you for $16.99 at Marshalls, especially since you started out as $90.

Downtown at dusk

Beautiful sky

Opera pre-show. Gabe sang a piece from Cosi.

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole. It was soooo delicious!
Definitely making this again. Here is the recipe.

Hope everyone has a great week!









This weekend we went to the sculpture gardens to explore. The "spoonbridge and cherry" is the central sculpture and also a Minneapolis staple. It was a beautiful day. We had so much fun spending time together admiring our new city.


A walk around the lake

The state of Minnesota is known as the the land of 10,000 lakes. The chain of lakes in Minneapolis has tons of bike and walking trails. Lake Calhoun is the largest of all the lakes and we have loved visiting that area. A couple weeks ago we met some of Gabe's coworkers for a walk around the lake. It was brisk that day and fairly overcast, but it's been in the 80's all week again. You won't find me complaining though!
Here are some of the pics we took.




Mary Lacey, AJ, Gabe, Vicki- downtown in the background



Little bitty blankets

Boys, boys, boys!!
 Lots of baby boys lately. Cutie pie little baby boys. I wanted to try something a little different for baby gifts for my friends and sister-in-law so I started looking through some of my sewing books and found a pattern to make a tactile blanket, or taggie blanket. It was pretty easy and turned out so cute and soft with the minky fabric. They are quite itty bitty considering the title of "blanket." They're designed to be held and played with more or less.

This is the sewing book I was referring to. It's a great book with all kinds of patterns and ideas.
 Great book for beginners too!


Pumpkin Creme Pies

I found this recipe the other day and couldn't wait to try it. Prep time took quite awhile and we're still adjusting to cooking/baking in our little kitchen. The results were definitely worth it though!! They were supposed to be like an oatmeal creme pie, but ended up more like a whoopie pie. Who cares really?? I love them both!

Here is the recipe!