I started a new job on Monday at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and it has been amazing. At previous employers I've been through orientations where you learn about "the mission" of a hospital or company. In the past I listened, but never really heard or deeply cared about the company as a whole. I really care about my patients and being the best nurse I can be, but have felt much less connected to the big picture. I feel like I have learned so many lessons in just one week. At MDCC everyone talks about "the mission" or "core values" and everyone is there for the same reason, "to make cancer history." I am about to venture in a completely different kind of nursing for all the right reasons. Even though I am nervous about this new challenge, I can't help but feel like I already truly belong there. I hope I can bring as much comfort and kindness to my patients as my family members have received at MDCC in Orlando. Linda and Gerry are doing great by the way. Thanks for your prayers!

Our garden has gone through some changes too!! It's actually growing!!! I did lose a cucumber plant and a cilantro plant both for unexplained reasons. But I am happy to report that our tomato and pepper plants look great! We now have three tomato plants because I made the risky decision to split one of them while it was still pretty small and thankfully they still both thrived. So one creole tomato plant and two yellow pear tomatoes. They just started flowering which is a great sign, so hopefully we'll see results in the next few months.

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Flowering tomato plant

P.S. Grapes of Wrath is coming up this weekend. Gabe is performing Fri night at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm. This is his biggest role to date so we are so excited! We'll give more details soon!


Spring Break Texas style!

We had an amazing Spring Break. Dad and Beth were able to visit and we still can't believe how much we did in 5 days. Spring Break in a nutshell- San Antonio-river walk- tower of the americas- amazing bed and breakfast- river boat tour- the alamo- nap- irish dinner next to green river- wildlife ranch- saw giraffes, an ostrich, sheep, cows, camels, rhinos, etc- natural bridge- caverns- back to houston- space center- kemah boardwalk- galveston coast- best BBQ in houston- Houston Rodeo and Live Stock show (saw a longhorn, a day old calf, watched a chick hatch, horse show, funnel cake, bull riding, muttin' bustin', Pat Green) Whew!!! We had a blast!!!!! Thanks Dad and Beth for visiting!

Spring Break


Opera News

I mentioned in the last post that Gabe had just finished an opera called "Florencia en el Amazonas," and the director just recently posted pictures on the University of Houston Moores Opera Center website. The link is here. Just go down towards the bottom of the page and you'll see the title. Gabe is in the 11th picture, dressed in a white shirt with a long wig. The rest of the pics are mainly of the monstrous boat they built.

Gabe's next show is "The Grapes of Wrath," and he will be playing the role of Tom Joad, played by Henry Fonda in the movie version. The opera premeired just last year in the US, and this will be it's first perfromance in the great state of Texas. The composer, Ricky Ian Gordon, will be attending the rehearsals-for opera buffs it's a pretty big deal. The performances are the first weekend in April. We'll give more specifics when we get closer. Gabe is very excited!