How lovely are thy branches

I think we'll enjoy you a few more days...



Hi friends and family. The last few months have been crazy. How is it almost January? We were able to celebrate the holiday with family (4 times) and even take a few days off work to boot. We are so richly blessed and are so happy to live closer to family now. It is totally amazing to be able to see so many loved ones in a weeks time and know it won't be too long before you see them again. No more plane rides or road trips. It was also 70 degrees on Christmas Day. Not too shabby especially since Minnesota has seen more snow in the last couple months then we saw all last winter. (Throws hands in the air)

Gabe is heading to a chilly place real soon to work on the opera Silent Night. He's reprising his role of Lt. Gordon In Philadelphia. He's been very busy with auditions the last few months and working on building more connections in Florida. He's also racking up frequent flier miles and seeing lots of friends in the process. Locally he's teaching voice lessons at some of the high schools and even in our home. Need to learn how to sing a high c? Come see us!

My job is going very well at MD Anderson. I'm working in the radiation department with brain and spine tumor patients. I feel overwhelmed at times with the sadness that surrounds me but comfort in knowing I can help if even for a little while. It's humbling and I have the utmost appreciation for our health. Treasure your relationships. We learned from a very personal perspective this year that life cannot be taken for granted. I'm also so grateful for my knowledge of our Savior and knowing He has a special plan for each of us.

In keeping with the season here is one of my favorite videos that helped me to remember the true spirit of Christmas...