This week we had an exciting development...KICKING! I was so anxious to feel the baby move recently. On a Sunday drive to church I felt a thump right in my midline and just KNEW it was the baby! I screamed! Truth be told I think I felt the baby sooner but I generally had to push on my belly to feel anything. Not anymore. I feel those sweet tender thumps at all times of the day and night now. It is so incredible! A few nights ago I was nearly in tears about my scrubs getting too small and not having enough clothes and feeling chubby and all these silly things. I sat down with my iPad to forget things for a while and stumbled upon this blog post about someone's miscarriage. My heart ached for her. I felt the baby move the whole time I read it...I realized I had been give a dose of perspective. Clothes do not matter. My body at this point in my life should only be appreciated and respected for this beautiful gift it is able to grow and protect. I am so grateful for that lesson.

I can't believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy. We have been so blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far. I am feeling better and getting nausea less and less and getting sick even more infrequently. I'm able to tolerate different kinds of food and have a bit more energy. I love anything cold and fruity so Popsicles and slurpees are a favorite! I still have an intolerance to eggs mostly and guacamole which I usually love. I'm sure the Chipolte employees miss me.

Next on the agenda prenatal massage on Saturday! Can't wait!