A rider named Howdy Cloud

...that is something you can find at the Houston Rodeo 2010. This Saturday we went to the rodeo on a BEAUTIFUL spring day. Gabe had the entire day free which was a real treat, and what's better than award winning livestock and fried food. We saw brand new pigs and lamb, huge longhorns and rabbits.
Then to the food. Jumbo corn dog, chicken strips and cheese fries, funnel cake, fried twinkies, nachos and a few bites of fried pickles. Sound gross? IT WASN'T. It was great. Of course we didn't eat it all at once, over several hours. The rodeo only comes to town once a year so we figured we'd go for it. Yum! Last year we went with Dad and Beth, so we thought of them a lot. We had so much fun last year too! Here are some pictures we captured...


March right on in

Just a hello. Not a whole lot going on around here. Rodeo is in town. We might go next week. Bigger events happening next week. My cousin, Kass is getting married! Going home to FL for the wedding. I am so excited to see my family. I'm sure there will be a lot of pictures to show for the big event. Kass, or as I lovingly call her "Kashmene" and I were born ten days apart. We have always been close and I am so excited to see her make this great step in her life. Because in case some of you were unaware, I basically think that being married is the best thing in the whole world. We are ridiculously happy.

A side note, just happens to pop in my head. Gabe is the choir director at church and I watch the kiddies so Gabe has larger numbers. He gets oh so excited when he sees lots of people show up. There is a little girl I have been taking care of for awhile. She is so cute and sooooooooooo smart. She is 3, but I find that I need to talk to her like an adult most of the time. I always have stories about her for Gabe. This week...
We are sitting in church and she keeps walking by me. I gave her the "come here sweetie" finger motion and she just kind of stared at me, so I smiled. Then, later when I'm watching her while choir is going on she says, "So, I saw you this morning, and you wanted to hold me."
I said "Yep, but you looked a little sleepy and not interested."
She says "Yep, I didn't want to."
"That's okay, because I get to see you now."
Then she says...
"Yeah, maybe next time I'll let you hold me."

Definitely made me laugh a little on the inside.

Love to you all
Ni and Gabers