a walk in a garden

I went to a garden exhibit the other day called Brazil. It was so beautiful!
I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Now, guess where I was....a conservatory. No. A park. No.
I was on the eighth floor of the downtown Macy's. Next to target-my most favorite place downtown.
For one week this spring Macy's sponsored a show put on my the big garden/outdoor store here called Bachman's. You got off the elevators and were enveloped with the smell of wisteria and other plants. I was in awe of what they were able to create. If you remember in December this whole space was decorated as the north pole. Here is that post. See, the most amazing Macy's ever.



Remember that time we went to the mall of America and waited patiently for over an hour to see the hunger games cast. Well, that was fun. So fun in fact, I decided to wear my latest craft.
The necklace I'm wearing.

The lace applique I found on etsy, a shop called Mary not Martha. Everything else I picked up at Joann's. You just need needle nose pliers to put everything together. :)

I got these coral beauties at Joann's too. I didn't even add a lobster claw to this one. One of the beauties of making your own jewelry is making it the exact length you want (or just big enough to fit over you head). Now I just need to buy some clothes to match. ha ha.


safe and sound

Have you seen or heard this? I love it. I loved the movie even more.


Spring is here

I think I may have lived through a Minneapolis winter without experiencing a major snow storm. I can't really believe it. The snow has melted, the ice is dissipating and the weather has been amazing. Something to write home about. So, that's what I'm doing.

Dear Home,
I am relishing in the weather. Turns out all the prayers must have worked.