My little boy is quickly becoming a big one. I look at him all the time and think where did this toddler come from? He is so cute and melts my heart everyday. No stats this month since we didn't have a doctors visit but I'm guessing he's over 20 lbs by now. I gave in an bought an ergo carrier on sale at target the other day and I can't believe I waited so long. Holding him has become harder and he is so wiggly. We were given a hand me down chicco carrier and moby wrap and my back always killed me when I used them. Not with the ergo. It's incredible. He stays happy in one place and my arms and back aren't hurting. Yay! If anyone is contemplating I highly recommend it. I wish I bought it in the beginning. Luckily it will grow with him. Anyway, back to my silly boy...

First for this month...
Sitting up independently
Sat in the grocery cart at publix and target
Rolls all over the place
Lots of different foods like pears, broccoli, rice and beans, cantaloupe and bagels He's eating all kinds of food.
Babbling and "speaking" a lot.
And first plane trip! I was so stressed leading up to it but he did great! I'll post about our trip too.

I think his bottom teeth are coming in soon and I think he's pretty close to crawling. We shall see. Daddy has been out of town a lot. Cincinnati for almost three weeks and just left today after six hours at home to Minnesota for two weeks. Mama needs a nap! We can't wait for him to come home a little longer. Grayson, we love you so much and are enjoying watching you grow! You are such a smart, loving, special little boy!

Love, mommy

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