My ten month old is almost 11 months old which means he's almost one year old. Which means I'm dreaming up his birthday party big time. It's almost Halloween and his costume is ready! Hallelujah!! He'll be Mr. Peanut of course! We weighed him at Publix a few days ago and he was up to 23 pounds. He outgrew his infant car seat and seems to really like his new big boy seat. We started supplementing with formula for the first time this month and he also tried whole milk. Luckily he had no adverse reactions to either. I'm really grateful we made it 10+ month of exclusively breastfeeding. My goal was 6 months and I hoped to make it one year but my supply was dwindling. He is less

and less interested in sitting on moms lap. Much too busy! He took two very small steps a couple days ago, but nothing sense. He loves to be on his feet. He also loves to rough house. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting beaten up and he's not even one. 😆! He says Dada a lot and Ah! He's very talkative but only he understands himself! We love our little guy more and more everyday. I can't believe this year is almost gone. 

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